DTS Series Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer


Introduction of DTS Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

Daswell DTS twin shaft concrete mixer is compulsory twin-shafts concrete mixer, which is composed of feeding system, discharge system, water supply system and electrical system and mainly used to produce commercial concrete, such as hard concrete, plastic concrete, fluid concrete, various mortars, etc. DTS twin- shaft concrete mixing machine can not only work independently, but also can be adopted as the mixer in the concrete batching plant. China DTS twin shaft concrete mixer for sale is well recognized by many construction business owners both in China and abroad. With the continuous progress of concrete mixer research and development technology, Daswell has become a professional twin shaft concrete mixer supplier with different models of DTS double axis concrete mixing machine for sale.

Features of DTS Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

  1. The structure of DTS double shaft concrete mixer is designed compactly, and all parts are fixed on mixing tank, which can save space and be installed and replaced easily.
  2. Shaft head seal adopts original-imported parts installation to avoid cement and slurry entering in shaft-head.
  3. The mixing arm of DTS twin- shaft concrete mixing machine is streamlined in axial and in radial direction which ensures fast mixing speed and can reach to the homogeneity.
  4. The inspection gate, repair gate, discharge gate are in good condition of seal to avoid the fly dust.
  5. The imported high-pressure cleaning device and optional consistence probe.
  6. The number of discharge can be designed according to specific requirements of customers.
  7. The electric motors of DTS twin shaft concrete mixer for sale are in a higher level which can facilitate the repair largely.
  8. Scale board and paddle are made of manganese steel, which prolongs the service life greatly.