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MP Planetary Concrete Mixer

  • supply Ability:15 Sets per Month
  • Port:Qingdao, Shanghai or others
  • Feature:1. Steady driving 2. Excellent performance 3. Compact construction
MP Planetary Concrete Mixer
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Introduction of MP Planetary Concrete Mixer

MP planetary mixer adopts German technology. MP planetary mixers is used not only in producing common commercial concrete and precast concrete, but also in producing high-quality concrete. With compact construction, steady driving, original mode, excellent performance, long operating life, low investment and operational costs, easy to install and maintain, no leakage problem, MP planetary centrifugal mixer is now widely used at home and has been exported to Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Oceania and more than 30 countries and regions.

DMP planetary concrete mixerDMP planetary concrete mixer

Structure and Working Principle of MP Planetary Concrete Mixer

Gearing System Driving device of planetary concrete mixer adopt hard gear reducer. The gear box of MP planetary centrifugal mixer passes the power down to the mixing arms and make them rotate and orbit, forcing the scrapers and bottom scrapers to make a motion of revolution. Thus there are both revolution and rotation in mixing movement for MP planetary mixers. The mixing movement of pan concrete mixers is a complicated, intensive, efficient and homogeneous motion.

DMP planetary concrete mixerDMP planetary concrete mixer

Mixing Device of MP Planetary Concrete Mixer

Mixing of pan type concrete mixer relies on the composite material squeeze and flip action powered by the rotation of planetary axis with blade installed in the mixing barrel. Mixing blade is designed in diamond structure. Customers can spin 180° for reuse according to DMP planetary mixers’ actual wear condition. And also a special discharge scraper is designed for the discharge rate, increasing productivity.

Characteristics of MP Planetary Concrete Mixer

1. Steady driving 2. Excellent performance 3. Compact construction 4. Long operating life and low investment 5. Easy to install and maintain 6. No leakage problem

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